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How To Get Your Smile Back with Dr. Koch Of East Texas

Missing teeth, decayed teeth, and colored teeth have a significant impact on lifestyle and confidence these result in a dull smile which negatively affects your life. However, Eric R Koch, DDS, provides dental services to restore your lifestyle and rejuvenate your greater confidence. The services he offers allow you to improve your oral hygiene and get rid of discolored and decayed teeth.

Outlined below are the services he offers for your dental care.

Dental exam

The close inspection of the tissues and teeth in the mouth uses physical assessments, radiographs, teeth cleaning, fillings, extraction, and restoration. The examination evaluates oral tissue and gum health and assesses bite and oral hygiene to determine suitable treatment.

Preventive dentistry

It refers to dental care that helps maintain your oral health. It involves regular dental check-ups, routine X-rays, flossing, and brushing to prevent periodontal diseases. The following are the importance of preventive dentistry:

  • Lowers risk of developing tooth decay, gum disease, and severe dental problems
  • Helps promote good oral hygiene habits such as flossing and brushing your teeth after a meal and twice a day.
  • Helps minimize treatment and costs.
  • Helps to reduce dental problems associated with medical conditions such as diabetes.
  • Helps to track jaw and teeth development through routine x-rays

Wisdom teeth extraction

Wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth to emerge. They cause infection, tooth decay, and gum disease if they become impacted or get stuck beneath the gums, causing pain, swelling, bad breath, and difficulties opening your mouth. The extraction helps to give room to other teeth and reduces the risk of dental problems.

Gum treatment

A non-surgical procedure that helps manage periodontal disease and enables you to restore your smile. The method involves scaling and polishing to remove plaque and tartar on the teeth, root planning to eliminate the bacterial infection, periodontal surgery to remove the affected teeth, and antibiotics to treat the disease.

Dental implants

They provide durable, long-lasting replacements for missing, decayed, and stained teeth.  Implants allow you to get back your radiant smile, improve your bite, and enable you to speak without difficulties. The implants are durable, comfortable, convenient, and help you to chew properly.

IV Sedation

This medication helps you to relax during dental surgery to cope with dental anxiety and sensitive gag reflex during teeth removal, dental implant, and gum treatment.

They help improve your outcome and safety and lower risks of postoperative nausea, vomiting, and blood clotting.

Orthodontic treatment

It is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of misaligned teeth and malpositioned jaws. It helps restore your smile balance and symmetry by correcting overbites, crooked teeth, crowding, overjet, crossbite, and jaw misalignment.

TMJ treatment

It is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of temporomandibular disorders to minimize symptoms such as headaches, facial aching pain, migraines, jaw pain, chewing difficulties, and relief. These treatments involve transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, oral surgery, and custom-made dental orthotics.

Consult your dentist today

Having a radiant smile is on everyone’s bucket list. Therefore, having good dental services allows you to rejuvenate your confidence and improves overall oral health. Book an appointment with Dr. Eric of Advanced Dental Care of East Texas; you will be one step ahead to improving your oral hygiene and having a radiant smile to restore your lifestyle.