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Colon Cancer: Why Early Screening Can Help You Worry Less About The Disease

Your 50th birthday is the best time to start thinking about your health, as people beyond that age have higher rates of colon cancer. Screening regularly for cancer means that your doctor can capture it early and put you on the right treatment much faster, which helps cut down your mortality rate. GI Physicians Inc. offers Lima colon cancer screening services conveniently to avoid disrupting other plans you have set for the day while helping you live longer without major disruptions of colon cancer anytime in the future.

Why have colon cancer screening

Colon cancer is among the most diagnosed cancer among Americans, meaning that you have a higher chance of having it than other cancers. Statistically, it ranks third among the most diagnosed cancers in the United States. Other separate statistics of colon cancer show that every year records about 50,000 deaths from the issue. Luckily, it is a slow developing cancer and when captured early, you have a better chance of survival. Unlike other fast-growing cancers, colon cancer requires at least one screening every 10 years, making the process convenient and easy to undertake. That one trip to your doctor once every 10 years can make a difference.

What are the risk factors for colon cancer?

GI Physicians Inc. advises that people at risk of the disease should have screening done more often to help them beat the disease early. In addition to that, if you fall under the high-risk group, you should not wait until 50 but have early screening to make a difference. Factors that increase the chances of colon cancer include:

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • A family history of the problem
  • Eating a lot of red meat
  • Heavy drinking
  • People of particular races, such as African Americans and Jews

GI Physicians Inc. providers have advanced screening methods for colon cancer and can customize the procedure to match a particular risk group.

What should you expect in a colon cancer screening?

Colon cancer screening is a simple procedure; you will have to lie on a special table with your face down. Your provider then uses a colonoscope, which has a camera attached to the head. Your provider will then insert it into your colon through the back and look for polyps. Polyps do not necessarily mean cancer, but your provider will have to pick some tissues from them and have them examined in a lab. If your doctor finds evidence of colon cancer, you will start treatment soon after. Remember, catching the disease early means that you have a higher chance of getting better. Nonetheless, if the test returns negative, you should schedule other screening sessions in the future.

Colon cancer is an issue that causes distress, which you can avoid by having screening that checks for early signs of the issue. Collaborate with GI Physicians Inc. for the screening, a procedure that reduces your worries. Call the specialists or book your appointment online to begin the screening.