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An Eye-opener Into What PRP Injections Are And Their Benefits

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an efficient regenerative therapy medicine. It benefits several human aspects, including aesthetic and medical concerns such as skin rejuvenation. It also speeds up wound healing in patients. Daniel Moghadam, a physician, works with Modern Aesthetica, a regenerative and anti-aging medicine facility.  PRP in Santa Monica is employed by fellowship-trained physicians to treat patients.

According to research, PRP treats joint pain and revitalizes their skin. Dr. Daniel also uses PRP in hair loss treatment and enhances the patient’s sexual health. He focuses on delivering natural wellness and health care alternatives to patients that visit Modern Aesthetica to promote their safety. Call our offices today to speak with our administrative team. Please reach Dr. Daniel either online or on our telephone numbers for over-the-phone discussions and consultation before your visit.


What Is the Medical Purpose of PRP Injection?

At Modern Aesthetica, we offer Platelet-rich Plasma therapy, which facilitates faster and natural healing. The therapy solution is created from your blood components and is designed to contain a higher platelet concentration through differential centrifugation. Removing red blood cells, technicians leave a solution that comprises growth and protein factors essential to healing from an injury. 

When Dr. Moghadam supplies the affected tissue with the platelet concentrated solution, its healing properties intensify our natural healing rates for better results. 

Which Medical Condition Could be Treated Using PRP?

Specialists at Modern Aesthetica use the PRP therapy technique to treat multiple common body pains. Specialists at Aesthetica are popular for treating both chronic and acute pain conditions with PRP injection while avoiding invasive treatments like surgery and anesthesia. Platelet-rich plasma heals the underlying source to reduce your symptoms. PRP may benefit from several conditions, including:

  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Foot and ankle pain
  • Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain

What Aesthetic Treatment Plans Use PRP?

Together with offering medical value, PRP injections also serve in aesthetic and anti-aging treatments. Dr. Moghadam offers PRP in numerous treatments such as hair restoration and PRP facial. To perform a PRP facial, Dr. Moghadam applies the solution to the patient’s face and then uses a medical micro-needling tool to allow PRP to penetrate the skin. The essential growth factors found in PRP boost your collagen production, restoring a healthy and youthful look. 

Patients struggling with hair loss also visit Dr. Moghadam for the injection treatment plan. The physician injects the solution into the thinning regions of the scalp to restore hair using its healing properties. 

Inactive hair follicles are reactivated and forced to extend the hair growth cycle, enhancing your hair strength and thickness. 

Does PRP Improve Patients’ Sexual Health?

PRP for Vaginal Revitalization

Dr. Moghadam provides this treatment to both male and female patients. For his female patients, a vaginal revitalization serves as a non-surgical procedure that elevates their sexual care and well-being.   

PRP Penis Injection

During the procedure, our specialist injects the healing PRP into the patient’s penis head and shaft. Its healing properties stimulate novel nerve endings and blood vessels that improve sexual function and health. 

Do I Qualify for a PRP Shot?

At Modern Aesthetica, we focus on innovating medical tools that will enhance our patient’s life. Please consider coming in for an in-depth examination first to understand your healthcare concerns and wellness objectives.  


Dr. Moghadam and his team develop plans to meet our patients’ wellness goals and enhance their life comfort and quality. Suppose you or a loved one is considering a PRP treatment plan; phone our facilities for a one on one discussion with a certified expert.