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How to deal with fibroids during pregnancy

Do you have excessive cramps during your menstruation that could be making your life a bit difficult? It is wise to see a doctor when you get slight changes in your reproductive organs as they could indicate serious underlying problems. Fibroids might form on your uterus and have no symptoms as they are painless tumors going unnoticed. However, you should look for a doctor who can treat fibroids in McDonough to deal with the condition effectively. You should know about the symptoms of fibroids, get a proper diagnosis and treatment which improves the quality of life.

How Do You Know You Have Fibroids?

Although fibroids can go unnoticed as they rarely produce any signs, you might have abnormal bleeding, which causes heavy bleeding and extended menstrual bleeding. However, if you are pregnant, you might have severe cramps similar to menstrual cramps, develop widespread pain and tension in the abdomen. Moreover, you might get digestion issues such as constipation and an increased need to urinate as the fibroids could exert pressure on the intestines and bladder.

How Can It Affect Your Pregnancy

Although fibroids might not significantly affect pregnancy, they could lead to miscarriages as they exert pressure on the embryo. It can also lead to preterm labor due to premature rupturing of the fetal membrane. Some women could have bleeding before delivery, and the child is likely to be misrepresented, leading to cesarean birth. The tumors might also obstruct labor, and in severe cases, it could lead to necrosis, which is a disruption of blood supply, resulting in cell death.


Suppose you have large fibroids during pregnancy which can affect the development of the fetus. In that case, your doctor might recommend myomectomy, which is a procedure that allows you to remove the fibroids during pregnancy. This surgery is rare as it could lead to unexpected complications; however, if the fibroids are smaller in size, your doctor might remove them during a cesarean birth. If the fibroids pose insignificant risks to your pregnancy, it might be wise to wait until after delivery to remove them.

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If your doctor can diagnose the fibroids before conception, they can deal with them effectively before you get pregnant. You can opt for hormonal treatments, including different forms of birth control like pills and implants. Moreover, you can opt for high-intensity ultrasound treatment and minimally invasive surgery that cuts the blood supply to the tumors. However, you can take preventive measures such as maintaining a healthy diet, limiting exposure to pollution. You can also avoid artificial sweeteners and highly processed food which can increase the chance of developing fibroids.

When Should You See A Doctor?

Although fibroids are harmless, you should see a doctor immediately if you have their symptoms. Early treatment of the tumors leads to the successful eradication of fibroids. Moreover, if you want to conceive, it could be wise to see a doctor who deals with many reproductive health issues, including fibroids.

The Bottom Line

Fibroids develop on the uterus and might be harmless tumors that do not affect your health. However, they can lead to heavy menstruation. Moreover, if you are trying to conceive, they can make the pregnancy difficult by inducing preterm labor and bleeding, which is not suitable for your health. It is wise to treat fibroids first before getting pregnant.

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