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Here Is Why You Should Work With A Midwife During Pregnancy And Delivery

A midwife is a medically trained nurse qualified to provide care from the time you conceive until childbirth. The old myth that midwives help deliver babies without medical care is actually not true. In fact, studies show that their popularity is growing rapidly in the United States. Some people even prefer to work with a midwife rather than an OB-GYN. Seek Decatur midwife services by calling or scheduling an appointment with Dekalb Women’s Specialists. Here are the benefits of using a midwife.

You receive care during preconception.

Most people do not appreciate the importance of guidance before you have conceived. Counseling during this period could determine the health of pregnancy for some women. When you choose to work with a midwife, they will provide the necessary guidance that includes lifestyle advice before pregnancy. This ensures you adopt healthy habits such as nutrition and exercise to improve pregnancy. Additionally, they will tell you what you need to quit and start some plans that will be useful after birth.

They support you during pregnancy.

Support during pregnancy is essential, especially for first time mothers. They will benefit from the advice and care because they have not been there before. This is healthy because knowing what to expect will relieve anxiety and stress that would develop otherwise. A midwife will assure you of ample face to face time to discuss your concerns and needs. They will also recommend the best group support or patient education to empower you and offer emotional support throughout the nine months. With a midwife, you will also get to discuss the best alternative birthing opportunities, such as labor and delivery services.

A midwife will be there during childbirth.

For a mother, especially the first time, labor and delivery are very stressful and scary. It is an emotional experience to bring a new life into this world. Therefore, mothers and families require someone who will actively be there during this part of their journey. A midwife helps with personal support for you and your loved ones during delivery, offers pain relief options on request, and suggests position changes to ease the delivery process.

You get follow-up care.

Your relationship with a midwife will not end after delivery. They will help you adopt the best plan after you have safely delivered your baby. A midwife will support you when pursuing breastfeeding, such as referring you to a lactation consultant should you need one. They will also be there to address any issue regarding your health and that of the baby.

Generally, certified midwives offer family planning services, preconception care, health promotion services, disease prevention, and wellness counseling. Midwives have a different approach when caring for you during all this time, and they build a relationship that eases you throughout your journey.

Consult midwives at Dekalb Women’s Specialists for appropriate optimal care before, during, and after pregnancy. A solid relationship with your health expert is essential to the outcome of your nine-month journey. You need a person who will walk with you and discuss each one of your concerns. Get in touch by booking an appointment online.