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What is Ultherapy and Why Should You Consider It?

When it comes to tightening the skin, it does not matter whether you are male or female. Everyone wants to look good and young, regardless of gender.

There are many scientific reasons behind sagging skin. In this case, you would want to visit your doctor to understand the reasons for your loose skin. Your doctor can recommend certain medications such as Yonkers anti-aging & functional medicine to help tighten your skin.

What is Ultherapy?

This is a skin tightening procedure performed mostly on your face, chest, and neck. It is designed to tighten, lift, and tone your skin. It enables the skin to stop sagging.

High-intensity energy is applied to allow heat to penetrate the skin, making the existing collagen contract. This lifts and improves skin laxity. It is worth noting that their procedure eliminates wrinkles and lines without affecting the skin surface.

Reasons for Loose Skin

There are many reasons for loose skin. The main reason is aging. Everyone has to go through life stages, including old age. At this point, you may not control the sagging skin since it gets even worse with time.

Some other reasons for sagging skin include pregnancy, weight loss, or weight gain. Some people may experience bone depletion due to a low calcium diet. Others will experience volume loss and reduced production of collagen and elastin. If you notice any of the above signs, it is an indicator that you need Ultherapy.

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Benefits of Ultherapy

People concerned about sagging skin and want skin tightness can seek a qualified doctor who can perform a successful ultherapy. The process offers several benefits.

One of the main reasons people choose this therapy is that it is non-surgical. Many people do not want a surgical procedure. However, it is worth noting that the non-surgical procedure results cannot be compared to a surgical facelift. Benefits include:

  •         No downtime. You can get back to your busy schedule after the procedure.
  •         It is customizable, allowing the doctor to focus only on the specific area that needs to be worked on.
  •         You can gain back your natural look within the shortest time possible. It could be between three to six months.
  •         Collagen penetration in the skin stops the aging process in the specific areas after the ultherapy session, giving a lasting improvement.

Remember, if you have any underlying condition such as diabetes or heart problems, discuss it with your doctor before the procedure is done. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, talk to your doctor to know the best way forward.

When to Expect Results

After Ultherapy, patients heal differently depending on the age, treated areas, and the skin laxity. Some patients get tight skin after a few days, while others wait for months. It could go for up to 3 months. 

What to Do if You Want Ultherapy

Once you decide to get a facelift, it would be best to visit your doctor who will advise you on the best procedure. Your doctor will examine your skin and the affected areas before the procedure. After the therapy, you can be sure of reduced lines and wrinkles in the affected areas.