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Patients living with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, and suicidal ideation need not be fearful, as a solution to their problem is here. Physicians at Boston MindCare provide ketamine medication to deal with those odd problems affecting their clients. With the help of Isabel Legarda MD, the whole Boston team offers modified solutions to help patients overcome their health issues and disorders. Boston MindCare offers the following services to its clients; anxiety, depression fixation, bipolar disorders, suicidality, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, PTSD, OCD, and ketamine.


Anxiety is an abnormal worry which disrupts one’s life. Constant worries about life can lead to fatal problems but can be fixed in a short time. Anesthesiologists in the clinic provide safe and effective ketamine infusions to disrupt the anxiety cycle. Anxiety is characterized by unwanted fears, racing mind, heart palpitation, troubled concentration, difficulty breathing, anger, frustrations, and difficulty sleeping. Ketamine infusions are offered to relieve the symptoms of anxiety to introduce a calm state, get more peace, and become focused.

Depression fixation

Depression is a mental disorder characterized by low moods, irritability, hopeless feeling, loss of interest in your hobby, decreased energy, restlessness, pessimistic ideas, death thoughts, muscle aches, stomach cramps, and change in appetite. In the clinic, depression is diagnosed by asking a series of questions about personal life and medical history. Ketamine can be used as an antidepressant, relieving depression symptoms within a short time.

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Bipolar disorders

Bipolar disorder is a brain illness that causes abnormal shifts in moods, energy, and activity levels. It causes moods and energy levels that are severe – either depressed and sluggish or overexcited and energetic. Bipolar disorder symptoms include; less sleep or oversleeping, excess energy, less energy, eating too much or too little, suicidal thoughts, depression or elation, and moving too slow or too fast.  Common bipolar treatment is; antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and antipsychotics. To those experiencing bipolar disorder, which is resistant to any traditional medication, ketamine infusions are a better solution.


Suicidality is having thoughts of suicide, thoughts of self-harm, or having a plan to commit murder. Anybody with suicidal thoughts should visit Boston MindCare for help. Records have shown evidence that there is no case of suicide when treated in the facility. Ketamine can be used to treat and control the effects of suicidal ideas.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain is believed to result from a pain sensor, which is a defect. Pain sensors act when the body is experiencing strains or illness. It is expected to deactivate when illness or body defection has been fixed, but this fails to lead the sensor to send a signal to the brain causing the mind to treat it as unsettled pain. Chronic pain is linked with conditions like migraines, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and PTSD. Opioid drugs are used to treat chronic pain, but since it is addictive, it is avoided. Ketamine is a good alternative for opioids.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

PTSD occurs after a frightening, traumatic, or stressful event has occurred, as the name suggests. Common PSTD triggers are car accidents, domestic abuse, medical emergencies, loss of a loved one, war, sexual assault, or physical abuse. PTSD has the following symptoms; nightmares, flashbacks, trouble sleeping, irritability, and difficulty concentrating.

For more mental service, you can book an appointment either online or at their location. The clinic is always open throughout the week. A team of professionals provides quality care at an affordable cost. Online appointments are easier. Try and visit for effective mental health and care.