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Improve Your Cardiovascular Health With The Stenting Expert In California

Cardiovascular conditions affect the cardiovascular system- the heart and the blood vessels. These health issues usually involve the flow of blood and nutrients in and from the heart. Mostly they occur due to unhealthy lifestyles and unhealthy stress. Prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Measures such as exercise, nutritious diets, and regular health check-ups can lower their risks and prevent their infections and severe cases. Syed Bokhari, MD, FACC is a cardiology practice dealing with quality care for cardiovascular conditions. The Riverside stenting specialist, Dr. Syed Bokhari, dedicates his life to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to his patients. He focuses on improving their health and promoting their quality of life.

Dr. Syed Bokhari, a board-certified cardiologist, provides extensive and practical stenting procedures to prevent more severe issues and improve your health. Call or book online for your stenting appointment. Here is all you need to know about a stenting procedure.

What is angioplasty?

Also known as balloon angioplasty. It helps restore normal blood flow in a blocked artery. The experienced and qualified Dr. Bokhari threads a thin tube through a blood vessel from your arm. After the line is in place, he inflates the attached balloon. The balloon then pushes the plaque outward, which widens the artery allowing blood to flow.

What is stenting?

Stenting is a minimally invasive treatment option for patients with artery blockage who are not ideal for open-heart surgery. The procedure involves placing a stent in an artery after balloon angioplasty to prevent it from re-closing. In some scenarios, the stent may have medicine that limits the closing.

The importance of stenting

Stents improve the function of a clogged or narrow artery. It helps increase its performance by allowing blood flow. Stents also treat various conditions that damage blood vessels and cause a blockage. They include:

Ø  Renal artery stenosis

Ø  Coronary heart disease

Ø  Abdominal aortic aneurysm

Ø  Carotid artery disease

Ø  Peripheral artery disease

What makes stents?

Various materials form stents, including plastic mesh-like material or metal. Also, fabric makes stent grafts used in larger arteries.

Carotid angiography

Carotid arteries are arteries of the neck. They transport blood rich in oxygen to the brain. Carotid angiography is a procedure performed to help physicians identify the plaque buildup in the neck arteries. The operation involves inserting a catheter into a groin street, then Dr. Bokhari checks your blood flow in arteries on an X-ray screen. During this invasive procedure, you may experience discomfort. However, it has a short recovery time allowing you to go back to your daily activities soon. Side effects such as unpleasant taste or flushing may also occur.  Dr. Bokhari has experience in carrying out these procedures and excels at providing the best results.

In conclusion, stenting enhances the role of your blocked or clogged arteries by allowing efficient blood flow. The highly experienced and qualified cardiologist expert, Dr. Bokhari, offers effective and comprehensive care during the procedures to restore your blood vessels’ health and prevent severe conditions. Stenting also helps treat other diseases. Visit Syed Bokhari, MD, FACC today to solve your cardiovascular problems.