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Get Rid of Annoying Hair With Laser Treatment

Body hair can show up in undesirable areas such as the genital region, armpit, legs, and lady’s beard. You can get rid of this annoying splendor easily and permanently through laser treatment. However, there are a few things to keep in mind since the hair cycle is complex, and removal can only happen in the growth phase. Ideal MedSpas are highly skilled in handling McDonough laser treatment to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.

Understanding the hair cycle

Your hair does not grow continuously, but each follicle has a growth phase, thanks to Mother Nature’s way of ensuring there is enough stock.

Therefore, laser treatments ensure that the hair is permanently removed in the growth phase. For this reason, the procedure is repeated severally to get rid of all the hair permanently. Your doctor uses a special device or diode laser to target specific hairs on your skin.

The treatment

A skilled specialist places a laser device on your skin to target specific hair follicles. The absorbed light is essential in destroying the hair follicles without destroying the skin or surrounding tissues.

During the procedure, you will experience a slight sensation or gentle sting as the pulse of light penetrates the skin.

During the first session, the laser treatment destroys the hair in the growth stage, and your doctor schedules another session.

Your skin may swell a little or show some redness after the procedure. However, this side effect subsides after a few hours.

The treatment can extend up to six weeks and a maximum of eight sessions for optimum results. However, the number of sessions depends on pigmentation and your hair structure.

What to consider before and after the laser treatment

The laser device works on the melanin in your hair, and the light waves are absorbed into the hair. When this happens, they are converted into a heatwave which destroys the hair roots.

Because of the effect on melanin, there are some minor complications such as skin tightness and reddening. Dark skin has a higher risk of developing complications. However, after one day, you will experience a calming effect as the skin heals. After the hair removal, it is vital to protect the skin by avoiding the sun for the skin to regenerate quickly.

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Also, do not scrub the treatment area when bathing and avoid very hot or cold water. Also, avoid strenuous exercises that may cause sweating, which can irritate the skin. Further, refrain from visiting the Sauna for several months until your skin heals completely.

For severe irritation, your doctor can prescribe a special ointment to speed up the healing process. Luckily, laser treatment does not affect other activities, and you can resume your normal life immediately.

Laser treatment with dark blonde and black hair

Laser treatment can eliminate different types of hair colors. However, it may not work well with very light hair. Also, it is not effective in removing thin, silky, or feathery hair.

Laser treatment is a safe procedure whose result can last several years. Contact the experts at Ideal Medspas to begin your treatment journey.

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