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Sunburn Treatment in Fort Worth

Sunbathing is fun and satisfying. In response to sun exposure, your body produces vitamin D, which enables the skin to glow and grow. Apart from being a healthy part of our bodies, too much sun causes skin disorders. Despite the sun being a big part of human life, too much exposure is dangerous to our skin. Therefore, sun damage in Fort Worth has developed a variety of specialized medical conditions depending on the type and the condition of your skin damage, enabling you to live a more comfortable life.

The sun that reaches us is made up of two harmful rays, which are:

  • Ultraviolet A – This goes beyond your skin, penetrating deeper, affecting skin growth hence, causing premature skin aging such as wrinkles formation destroying your youthful appearance.
  • Ultraviolet B rays – This is a long sun wavelength with rays causing tanning effects on the surface of your skin, causing sunburn.

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Northstar Dermatologist

For specialized and first-hand sunburn treatment, visit Northstar Dermatologist and receive treatments depending on your skin condition. This is some of the treatment they give to your skin:

  •  Wrinkles.

Lines and wrinkles mostly come with age. On your young and beautiful skin, they will mostly appear due to sun damage to the structure of your skin. With NorthStar Dermatology, wrinkles that are inevitable get banished from your face with therapies that instantly fill or erase them, leaving your skin rejuvenated.

  •   Sunspots

When your skin’s pigmented cells are exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long period of time, they accelerate the growth of your melanin, causing spots. NorthStar Dermatology offers treatment options like:

  1. Medications – this is the use of drugs and medicine to treat those sunburns.
  2. Cryotherapy- This is a treatment that targets the sebaceous glands, reducing inflammation of your itchy sunspots.
  3. Laser treatment- this is a treatment that heals all your sunspots, resurfacing your skin, leaving you looking younger and healthier.
  4. Chemical peels – this procedure is used to remove the outermost layer of your skin to help improve and smoothen its texture. 
  5. Dermabrasion- This is a skin resurfacing procedure enabling the growth of smoother skin hence, dealing with sunspots.


Sun exposure causes melanin overgrowth, which leads to tiny brown dots, especially on people who have fair skin. The dermatologists at NorthStar prevent these freckles using sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor of 50. They may also recommend therapy if your skin appearance has been affected.

  •   Skin Cancer

This is the most common cancer, especially in hot places like the United States. It is increased by sun damage on your skin. Surgical excision, chemotherapy, or radiation are some of the treatments used depending on the type of skin cancer you have. Dermatologists advise against staying out on the sun during peak hours and encourage the use of sunblock, brimmed hats, sunglasses, and keeping your skin covered to protect your skin from skin cancer.

For all sunburn conditions, schedule an appointment with NorthStar Dermatology experts today and get specialized treatment to your satisfaction. Call them using their office numbers or use their online booking tool to meet with a specialist today.