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How To Control Arthritis Symptoms Without Depending On Medication

Arthritis is a common condition that is likely to affect you as you age. The joint condition can result in disability. There are various types of arthritis and your treatment will depend on the unique symptoms you will portray. Your symptoms could either be mild or severe and could come and go for some time. Your Fredericksburg arthritis expert, Dr. Dev Sen of Prime Regenerative & Pain Management, specializes in pain management and musculoskeletal disorders. The professional offers effective treatment options to help his patients manage the condition and live comfortable lives.

How can your doctor help you live comfortably with arthritis?

There are several steps your doctor could recommend to help you manage arthritis pain. Having a healthy lifestyle will control your symptoms and help you live a fulfilling life. Your doctor’s recommendations could include:

Diet. A healthy diet is not only important when you have an underlying condition. It is also crucial for your general health and wellbeing. A good diet will help you manage a healthy weight, thus minimizing the pressure on your joints. Though a diet’s benefits are modest compared to prescription medication, it has no side effects and boasts other benefits like lowering your chances of developing heart diseases.

Regular exercises. The type of exercises your doctor will suggest significantly depend on your type of arthritis. Your doctor will be precise about the length of your exercises and your exercising level. The most common type of activity your doctor will suggest is having an excellent fitness program that includes movement range and aerobics.

Managing your pain. To help you minimize pain, your doctor could advise you to:

  • Avoid activities that are likely to worsen your joint pain
  • Take pain killers
  • Use cold and hot treatments throughout your day
  • Exercise regularly to maintain the joint’s mobility
  • Use therapies to stimulate your nerves and joints

Why exercises are important when you have arthritis?

Exercises are essential when you have arthritis. You are likely to feel some mild pain and discomfort when you start your exercise program. The pain will result from your joints exhausting your new muscles. However, you should report to your physician before exercising next time if the pain fails to become better more than two hours after exercising. 

They help you in various ways like:

  • Strengthening your joints
  • Minimize fatigue and depression
  • Boosting your mood and energy
  • Improve your sleep
  • Lessen joint stiffness
  • Help you with body balance
  • Minimize joint pain and tension

Can you prevent arthritis?

Arthritis will most likely affect your life quality because of immobility and pain. The condition could result in anxiety, fatigue, excessive sleep, depression, and some arthritis types could increase your chances of developing chronic illnesses.  Because arthritis increases the failure to activate your muscles, it could make your joints weak, making them lose their functions.    

Though a decreased range of motion could be a sign of a less worrying condition, do not hesitate to seek medical attention when you have joint stiffness, pain, and swelling in your joints. Schedule your appointment today to learn more about the condition.