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How Endodontic Procedures Can Benefit You

When you are bearing a tooth infection or other oral health complications associated with your teeth’ interior, it is time to seek experts specially trained to manage such conditions. Rick Schwartz, DDS, an endodontic specialist in San Antonio, TX, can help you manage your complications. Dr. Schwartz can offer you the endodontic care you need to preserve your teeth and maintain a healthy and fully functioning smile. Not everyone is qualified to perform several treatments designed to address the interior of your tooth. However, endodontists can help you through the procedures outlined below.

Root Canal Treatment

This is the main focus that endodontists major in. Many people tremble with fear when the treatment is mentioned because many people imagine it to be painful. It can be excruciating if performed by an inexperienced provider but not so when specially trained endodontic specialists perform it. Although you might experience pain, it will be manageable thanks to the advancements in technology and techniques. You might not even feel anything at all during your procedure.

If your tooth is severely infected, it is vital to seek root canal treatment from endodontists who can make it very straightforward and safe. Although a fully developed tooth can do fine without the palp, it still needs rebuilding and strengthening. That is why your provider will fill the hollow canal with gutta-percha, a medicated material, and topped with a dental crown to maintain its function and form.


Sometimes a nonsurgical root canal is not enough to manage your oral complication to save your tooth. The condition can worsen even after the procedure, leaving your provider with no option but to recommend surgery. This is where the apicoectomy will be employed through the expertise of your provider to relieve your symptoms. The procedure involves getting rid of the infection through the gums neighboring the root rather than through the tooth. However, sometimes a portion of the root may be removed to eliminate the infection. A small filling will then be applied, particularly if a portion of the root was removed. It may take some months to recover entirely, but you can return to your daily activities as soon as the next day.

Traumatic Dental Injuries Treatment

In cases of a traumatic injury to your tooth, it is good to try saving the tooth before you think of an extraction. Root canal treatments can be used to restore tooth structure without losing the entire tooth in some situations. When an injury occurs on your teeth, the pulp can be exposed, increasing the risk for bacterial infection, and you can also experience pain when you breathe through your mouth or when you eat or drink something cold or hot. However, sometimes it might not be necessary for a root canal when the injury is less severe, and the cracks and chips are minor.

Complex Surgeries

Sometimes you might require other complex surgeries to save your tooth. Sometimes it can be necessary to remove the root of your teeth, and in complex situations, you might require intentional replantation, which an endodontist can accomplish. This involves extracting the entire tooth, treating it outside the mouth, and placing it back.

An endodontist has more training and experience to perform complicated oral procedures, particularly while managing complications affecting your teeth’ inner part. Therefore, reach out to Endodontic Consultants of San Antonio to get the endodontic care you need.