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All You Need To know About The Aging Services Available

There is no specific way of stopping the natural aging process completely. Still, there are some anti-aging services that ease the uncomfortable, unwanted effects to ensure you feel and look your best. Dr. Rolando Alvarez in Boynton Beach is among the qualified and experienced specialists who offer an array of anti-aging techniques like skincare rejuvenation with platelet-rich plasma therapy, IV vitamin therapy, and radiofrequency body cavitation.

What is anti-aging?

Anti-aging is a branch of science that aims at preventing, slowing, or reversing the unwanted effects of the natural aging process. As one advance in age, you are more likely to have health problems like hormone imbalances, high blood pressure, and fatigue. The main function of anti-aging treatments is to catch the above effects and many others early, before they get worse. This treatment method does not focus on one particular aspect of your health, but also provides solutions to other aspects of your life. Therefore it can improve the appearance of your skin, libido, and even energy levels. If you are interested in aging gracefully, anti-aging treatments can help.

Are there different types of anti-aging services?

Various types of anti-aging services that are made available include:

IV vitamin replacement therapy

An IV vitamin therapy administers minerals, vitamins, and hydration through a needle into your bloodstream directly. Hydrating your body internally provides an effective and safe way to revitalize your physical appearance. The therapy can help prevent accelerated aging, dry skin, and also reduce skin wrinkles and blemishes. When IV vitamin therapy is combined with a re-hydrating beauty treatment, it enables you to feel and look your best.

Platelet-rich plasma

Platelet-rich plasma is a type of regenerative medicine that involves the use of your own platelets and growth factors to promote the body’s natural healing process. Platelet-rich plasma is magnificent and versatile. It can be used to minimize the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections. Some also use it to limit or ease inflammation and pain caused by general wear and tear or sports-related injuries.

Body cavitation

High-intensity radiofrequency cavitation utilizes advanced ultrasound technology to penetrate your fat tissue in order to maximize aesthetic and therapeutic results. The ultrasound wave energy vibrates fat cells ten thousand times or more per second, therefore causing your cells to burst open and drain via your lymphatic system. It is a technique that is ideal for anyone who needs to address pesky pockets of fat that are resistant to exercise and diet.

Hormone replacement therapy

As one advances in age, the body stops producing as many hormones as before which can result in a variety of unwanted side effects. Hormone replacement therapy uses plant-based hormones to restore the balance of your body.

Radiofrequency cavitation

It is a type of anti-aging treatment that is the best for small facilities. It functions by promoting the release of collagen, which is a naturally occurring protein that fills and tightens wrinkles on your skin. Toxins and triglycerides move out of your body through the lymphatic system, therefore, improving circulation, making your skin healthier, younger, and more vibrant.

What type of anti-aging treatment is right for me?

To determine the anti-aging treatment that suits you best, the specialist performs a review of your medical history, physical exam, and inquires about your goals for the treatment. After obtaining the above information, they will develop a personalized anti-aging treatment plan that matches your individual needs.

If you are interested in learning more about anti-aging treatments, visit PharmXhealthOne today, and more details will be given to you by qualified personnel.