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Why You Should Not Avoid Facial And Dental Injury

Dental and facial injuries can be a problem; they are painful and can leave enduring physical and emotional effects. Whether the injury is from an accident, work, sports, or a fall, you should seek medical attention from your doctor to do away with the pain. It can affect eating, breathing, jaw movement, and facial appearance. If left untreated, dental and facial injuries can lead to devastating effects such as difficulty talking or breathing. The Woodlands dental and facial injuries specialists at Oral Facial Surgery Specialists can help if you are looking to get treatment for dental and facial injuries.

How are facial and dental fractures diagnosed?

When you visit your doctor, they will determine whether the injury is life-threatening. The specialist may need to address the conditions first before going on with the comprehensive examination. Your doctor will check if there is any blockage on the nasals, pupil condition, and any injury to the central nervous system. Your doctor may ask how and when the injury happened. They may also ask about your medical history, current medications, and any recent injury or surgery.

Your doctor will also check the asymmetry of the face while also examining the facial bones. They may recommend a computerized tomography (CT) scan. If there are any abnormalities, the specialist may recommend surgery to correct them.

What are the common types of facial and dental injuries?

Facial and dental injuries occur due to several reasons, but the leading cause is sports injuries followed by car accidents. When these injuries occur, it affects several parts of the face which include:

  1. Soft tissue injury

Soft tissue injuries occur as scratches on the face. When this happens, it is essential to seek a medic’s attention because it may affect other areas such as the glands and the nerves when the gash is deep.

  1. Mouth and teeth injuries

Most tooth injuries occur by chipping or breaking of teeth. When it happens, various steps may be taken to restore the lost or chipped tooth. For instance, you may require a surgeon to repair the fractured bone or to carry out a bone graft before fixing the tooth.

iii. Bone injury

Bone injuries affect the jaws, cheeks, nose, and eyes. It is therefore important to visit a specialized doctor who will treat not only your injury but will also attempt to restore your look.

How can I prevent facial and dental fractures?

While sports injuries are the leading causes of facial and dental injuries, the injuries can occur quickly; one step you can take to prevent this is wearing a mouthguard. You can also wear protective gear for the eyes and the face. The injuries always come unplanned and affect the bones, teeth, and soft tissues. If you experience any injury, book an appointment with your doctor for help. You should also rest and be careful with what you are eating. Seek medical help because the injury may be severe and cause further problems over time.