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Protect Your Skin From Cancer Through Skin Cancer Screening

Skin cancer is very common to many people across the world. Every person is at risk of getting skin cancer during his lifetime. According to research, one out of every five people screened have skin cancer. Skin cancer is treatable at its early stages, but when not managed, it develops into the deadliest form called melanoma. It is vital to undergo skin cancer screening at least once per month to prevent skin cancer going unnoticed for too long. Kentucky Skin Cancer Center is a health department that performs skin cancer screenings for your good health. Below are steps on how to prepare for a skin cancer screening appointment.

How to Prepare for a Skin Cancer Screening Appointment

It is essential for you to undergo skin cancer screening, whether you are male or female. However, there are some factors you should keep in mind before considering skin cancer screening. The following factors should be strictly followed to prevent additional skin complications.

  •   You should loosen your hair. Keeping your hair loose helps the doctor to examine your scalp in detail. Failure to keep your hair loose may prevent your doctor from making a full examination of your head skin.
  •   Don’t wear make-up. According to health specialists, some make-up contains radioactive components that may accelerate the occurrence of skin cancer. Moreover, make-up may seal some moles on your skin, which would have cancer-causing agents. Makeup-free skin is easy to examine and diagnose.
  •   Get rid of nail polish. Nail polish gives your doctor a hard time to examine your nail bed. Thus, it is vital to keep your nail natural for easily and detailed skin cancer diagnosis.
  •   Don’t wear tight clothes. For a successful skin cancer screening, your doctor may examine the functionality of your skin pores. Skin pores which are accumulated with fat can develop into moles. Thus, it is essential to wear loose clothes for better and detailed pore examination.

There are a variety of measures you can undergo according to the condition of your skin. The below paragraph explains how to prevent skin cancer.

How You Can Prevent Skin Cancer

Apart from skin cancer screening, there are many other things you can do to prevent skin cancer. They include:

  •   Avoid direct sun rays from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. This is the time of day that the sun’s rays are strongest, and avoiding it will protect your skin from getting sunburns.
  •   Avoid places working with X-rays. X-rays damages your skin cell, which later malfunctions to form cancer cells.
  •   Apply sunscreen before going outside. Sunscreen develops a protective layer on your skin, which keeps direct sun rays from hitting your skin.
  •   Wear UV-blocking sunglasses and protective clothes before going outside.

Skin cancer screening is critical since it helps you know your skin’s condition. Cancer screening also helps the early treatment of skin cancer, which will prevent it from developing into melanoma. Severe cancer may cause death. Consider having a skin cancer screen for your good health at Kentucky Skin Cancer Center.