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Learn What Could Be Causing Your Runny Nose

A chronic runny nose can be quite an annoyance. It makes you constantly leave social meetings and events to grab a tissue. The condition is an embarrassment and a health problem for many individuals. If you often find yourself having to carry tissue with you to prevent mucus from running down your face, it is time you seek treatment from a qualified physician. Book an appointment with a Newport Beach runny nose specialist to eliminate the problem once and for all. Below are the possible reasons you are experiencing the issue:

Common Cold

Common cold is also referred to as upper respiratory infection (URI). It is the most known reason for runny noses and a condition that affects a lot of people. According to statistics, the common cold accounts for approximately twenty million missed workdays and twenty-one million missed school days. The virus is spread after contact with an infected person, making the cause very difficult to prevent. Taking vitamin E, zinc, vitamin C, and echinacea supplements help to reduce risks of infection.

Cold Air

A runny nose in cold air is inevitable. It sometimes ruins the wonderful moment you had in mind to enjoy the fresh snow. Cold air has an effect that dries out nasal membranes, creating an imbalance in nasal passages. In turn, the change causes nerve reflexes that result in a runny nose.


A runny nose could sometimes be caused by the body’s inflammatory response when exposed to pollen grains from trees, weeds, or flowering plants. That is why it is common for many people to experience a runny nose during fall or spring. Antihistamine spray and oral medications help alleviate these discomforts related to allergies.


The level of female sex hormones, thyroid, and growth hormones could cause hormonal rhinitis, or runny nose. They have a direct effect on the nasal membrane that makes the mucous gland to be more active than normal. Pregnant females are more likely to experience runny noses due to the hormonal changes during this period. Using a nasal saline spray will help reduce effects during pregnancy.

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Specific medications could cause a runny nose as a side effect. Changes that occur in the body as a result of these medications are what cause rhinitis. Medications that cause a runny nose include high blood pressure, depression, pain, birth control, and erectile dysfunction’s treatment drugs.


Aerobics are the exercises that cause most effects of rhinitis. Examples include running, intercourse, and aerobics. However, a runny nose outdoors could be caused by reasons other than exercising, such as allergies or cold weather. However, if you have a runny nose frequently after activity, it could be a medical issue. Consult a specialist to determine the cause.

Specialists at Alexis Furze, MD review your problem and medical history in depth to establish the cause of your problem. Additionally, they use imaging to get a concise view of the entire nasal cavity. Depending on the cause and severity of your problem, they determine the right treatment option. Do not struggle with a runny nose anymore. Book an appointment online today