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How would You know The Existence Of Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar is a mental disorder that involves an extreme change of mood. Your moods can change from high to low or vice versa. To some extent, your change of attitudes can be mixed. Bipolar disorder can affect any person resulting in stress or depression. If your bipolar involves mixed moods, it becomes difficult to diagnose and manage. According to health specialists, bipolar can be diagnosed in women while it is hard in men. However, this scenario of diagnosis is not yet proven to be correct. Visit Chicago bipolar disorder for diagnosis, treatment, and management of the bipolar disease. Below are the signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder.

The signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder

There are many signs and symptoms associated with the existence of the bipolar disease. However, some of these symptoms may show up to every person, while others may differ between people. These signs and symptoms include:

  •       Feeling hopeless for so long
  •       Change of appetite
  •       Loss of weight
  •       Feeling moodless
  •       Being mad on small issues

Below are the primary types of bipolar disorder.

The primary types of bipolar

There are four types of bipolar, but only two of them are mostly diagnosed. They include:

  •   Bipolar I. This bipolar is also called manic depression. The symptom of bipolar I is seen where the patient has a severe shift of mood. The patient may lose mind control, which can lead to injuries. When manic depression is not treated earlier, the patient can end up in an emergency room.
  •  Bipolar II. Bipolar II is much more common than bipolar I. The depression symptoms can be seen, but manic depression symptoms are not severe. This bipolar is also known as hypomanic. According to research, bipolar II only develops to severity when it is not treated at its early stages. 
  •  Bipolar III and IV. These bipolar types are rarely diagnosed. These symptoms are less dramatic than those of bipolar I and II.

Diagnosis of bipolar disorder

Bipolar is challenging to diagnose. If you are suffering from mania, the signs and symptoms can be spotted.  However, people with hypomania may feel full of ideas, overworking, and difficulties in getting sleep. This situation may repeat itself, frequently signifying the occurrence of bipolar disorder. A professional doctor may take you through an examination, asking you some questions. When your moods change for no significant reasons, the presence of bipolar may suggest. The below paragraph shows how bipolar can be treated.

Treatment for bipolar disorder

Once the symptoms are evident, bipolar can be treated. There are several ways your bipolar can be treated.

  • Medication. Antidepressants are the most used drugs for managing depression. These medicines are prescribed to you according to the severity of your bipolar.
  • Therapy
  • Bipolar is a common disorder that can affect any person. This disorder is hard to diagnose since its symptoms are not clearly seen. However, when the symptoms show up, bipolar can be treated. It is essential to take the best measures to prevent the severity of the bipolar disorder.