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How to Reclaim Your Smile after Losing Teeth

Your teeth are intended to serve you throughout your lifetime. However, several factors can cause tooth loss, affecting your smile and your overall well-being by lowering your self-confidence and self-esteem. However, Glendale dentures and partials specialists at Alta Canyada Dental Group have a solution for you. All is not lost as you can still regain your smile. How you ask! High-quality full and partial dentures provide the optimum way to reclaim your smile, depending on how many teeth you have lost.

What They Are

Dentures are removable prosthetic devices that are customized to fit your mouth and replace your lost teeth. If you are missing a couple of teeth, you may require partial dentures, and if you have lost a significant number of teeth that even the remaining ones are not healthy, you can benefit from complete dentures that replace your entire dental arch.

Why Wear Dentures

When you lose teeth, it is not only your smile that is affected but your entire mouth structure. Your mouth structure needs to function to lead a quality life, so you have to look for an alternative. Dentures will support the structures around your cheeks and lips, keeping your mouth structure sound to perform its duties.

Dentures will make it easy for you to eat food that requires chewing which can be impossible after losing teeth. This will help you maintain your diet and ensure that you are well-nourished.

Besides, you don’t have to endure teeth that cause severe pain and complications. You can have them extracted and replace them with dentures. They offer a better alternative to those troublesome teeth.

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How Dentures Improve Your Life

It is a fact that dentures will give you your smile back and not just the collection of teeth, but also your confidence and self-esteem. This is because the smile in your mouth is the first thing people see and is a critical tool for expressing yourself and communicating. Dentures will act like your natural teeth, and people may not even notice you have them.

Due to advancements in denture technology, today’s partial or complete dentures are more comfortable and naturally appealing than before. Besides, most of them use a gum-colored acrylic base that can be customized and shade-matched to fit and blend into your other oral tissues.

Cleaning the Dentures

Now that you have reclaimed your smile, you have to maintain it by taking proper care of your dentures. This includes proper cleaning to ensure that the dentures can serve you for an extended period without replacement. Regardless of the dentures you can get, they all need to be cleaned daily just like your natural teeth.

You need to take them out and run clean water over them to eliminate any food particles. Then you can brush the dentures all over using a specialized denture brush or a soft toothbrush and rinse them thoroughly.

While the dentures remain outside your mouth, take time to clean your gums and any natural teeth as instructed by your dentist.

While you sleep, please ensure that you always remove the dentures to avoid dislodging or damaging them in your sleep. You can store them in warm but not hot water to prevent them from misshaping or becoming dry.

To learn more about how dentures can help you reclaim your smile after losing teeth, reach out to James Beck, DDS at Alta Canyada Dental Group. Let your smile restoration process begin.