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Hear This If You Have Numbness Or Tingling In Your Fingers

Sometimes your fingers can feel numb, or you can experience a tingling sensation or shooting, and it can just mean they are asleep. However, should these symptoms persist, it might indicate a more severe complication known as carpal tunnel syndrome. At this point, medical experts such as Westfield carpal tunnel specialists at Genesis Regenerative Sports and Aesthetic Medicine can help you. The team can diagnose your condition and offer effective treatments to manage the symptoms.

The Part Affected

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects your wrist, specifically on the carpal tunnel. This is the passageway in your wrist that comprises tiny bones and encases your nerves and ligaments leading to your hand. The median nerve leads to your arm and passes through the carpal tunnel branching out into many nerves when it reaches your hand to control some of your thumb movement and the feelings in your fingers.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It is mainly referred to as carpal tunnel and is a condition involving the narrowing of your carpal tunnel, compressing your median nerve in your wrist. This occurs due to the swelling of the ligaments and tissues in the wrist due to the repetitive movement of the wrist over time, arthritis, injuries, or overuse. The condition can be a work-related injury as most employees seek medical attention for carpal tunnel syndrome as they seek workers’ compensation.

Please note that your carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms can worsen over time, and therefore, you should seek immediate help from your providers at Genesis Regenerative Sports and Aesthetic Medicine. Besides, the median nerve can be destroyed beyond repair, and that is why it is crucial to seek help as soon as your symptoms persist and affects how you sleep, do your work, or activities.

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

You can experience several hallmark signs and symptoms that appear slowly over time if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. They include:

  •       Shock sensation that radiates to your finger’s tips.
  •       Weakness in your hand or wrist.
  •       Burning or pain in your fingers and thumb.
  •       Numbness or tingling sensation in your fingers and thumb.

Note that it begins in your thumb and spreads to your fingers.

How to Manage Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Several treatment procedures can be used to manage your complication and restore and maintain your comfort and mobility. They include:

Cortisone Injections

This type of steroid injection is mainly recommended if you have had carpal tunnel pain for a year or less. It involves using ultrasound imaging to guide a needle into your carpal tunnel to inject the drug. The drug relieves inflammation and the pressure around your median nerve.


This option involves using a specialized splint or brace around your affected wrist while you sleep. This prevents your condition from extending to cause further damage and cause worse symptoms.

If you are enduring dullness or tingling in your fingers, don’t hesitate to contact your Genesis Regenerative Sports and Aesthetic Medicine provider. They can diagnose your condition and help you manage the condition. Remember that the condition can worsen over time and cause severe symptoms, and therefore, you need to act as fast as possible.