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XMind ios

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XMind free is an idea allocation, and brainstorming software developed by XMind Ltd.In addition to the management elements, the software can capture ideas, clarify ideas, manage complex information and promote team collaboration for greater productivity.It is compatible with mind maps, Fishbone graphs, tree diagrams, flow diagrams, spreadsheets, etc. Usually. It is used for knowledge management, meeting reports, task management and GTD. Meanwhile, XMind can read and save the FreeMind and MindManager files in Evernote. For XMind Pro / Plus, Mind Maps can be exported to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, FreeMind and Mindjet
MindManager documents.

XMind pro crack serial keygen

XMind Review:

XMind 8 Pro is an advanced a software application that allows users to create a series of mind maps and brainstorming sessions.This software contains a large number of templates and cartographic themes that you can use, including status reports, panel projects, SWOT analysis, cause and effect maps and weekly programs. If it is difficult to find what you are looking for, know that it is possible to create a new project.Use this utility to cut, copy, paste and delete items, undo or redo actions, insert themes, add attachments, photos (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP), notes and links.The import is possible from formats such as MM, XMP, MMAP, and XMAP, while it is possible to export them in HTML, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PDF, PPT, RTF, TXT and DOC files.

XMind pro license key

Delete interface and options:

It comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to manage and save any brainstorming session in another workbook. It also allows you to create interactive presentations by integrating audio annotations.

Create and design mental maps

XMind Pro Crack can contain as many subjects, ideas, and tasks as you wish. You can define relationships between these objects and view and change the design tree by examining all the elements of the hierarchical view.

There are several ways to organize and prioritize the relationships between elements visually. Add priority numbers, emoticons, flags, and stars are just some of the icons that you can add to the themes to highlight them. You can also add status markers to see if a task was started, suspended or stopped.

In aXMind pro license key to the text fields that make the mental map understandable, you can also insert attachments and hyperlinks with the program. Also, each item can have its note and its label. A small web browser is also available.

XMind cloud


The CPU and RAM were weak in our tests, and the application was not hung up. It is full of practical and accessible options that allow you to create multi functional mind maps.You can also download here Clash of Clans Hack 9.434.3 Unlimited Gems Apk.

Key Features of XMind :


  • All the information can structure in XMIND free download! The themes automatically positioned by structures that users can select from the 6 most commonly used types, including the Mind Map, the Logic Board, the Flow Diagram, the Tree Diagram, the 2D Diagram and the Spine Diagram. Fish. In fact, each branch on the map can have different structures.


  • The structure of the XMind portable contains a root in the center with main branches emanating from it.
  • This structure is especially suitable for brainstorming sessions, in which users can gather ideas about a central theme, but not analyze, organize or prioritize them.

Fishbone Diagram:

  • Also known as a cause and effect diagram, Ishikawa diagram or fishbone model, this tool is very useful in solving quality problems through a logical ramification.
  • The direction of these branches looks like the shape of a fishbone.Using bold graphics, users can visually organize causal relationships in complex ideas or events. They also increase awareness of causes and effects and organize materials or theories that are easier to learn.


  • Markers represent some functions as image symbols and are often used in project management, planning, and other applications.
  • XMind pro crack serial keygen offers a wide range of bookmarks or allows users to add their images as bookmarks.

Support for conceptual maps:

  • Concept maps illustrate the relationships between information graphically. In a conceptual map, two or more concepts are linked by words that describe their relationship.
  • XMind 8 serial key allows users to place different concepts on floating themes and quickly build relationships with descriptions through them through a variety of simple operations (such as joins). And even more attractive: users can halve a relationship by inserting a theme.

mind map for android

Floating theme:

  • Floating themes are not related to any other theme and can be found on the map for free.
  • Users can create floating themes to capture crazy ideas or propose new ideas.
  • Use drag and drop to add a floating theme as a secondary theme to a theme, or swap any theme from its branch to make it a floating subject. By the way, a free theme can also contain subtopics.


  • It is a well-accepted way of limiting various topics and information or familiar concepts. In this case, the limits are used not only as an accent but also as a weak category of the specified topics.Decorated with colors and line patterns, the different edges would be clear and clear.


  • When two subjects have a relationship between them, we usually illustrate this as a link that connects them to the map. And we call it ‘relationship’ in XMIND android. Users can write text on the line to get a description of that relationship, p. B. “give birth”, “results”, “is necessary”, etc.

Rich text notes:

  • Rich text notes are used to capture additional details about topics. Users can post more information about this topic, insert images for illustration purposes, or change the appearance of the text. For example, font size, color and more. Also, notes can also be viewed and edited in presentation mode.


  • The theme is a collection of colors, shapes, patterns of lines and other coordinated features of a map. Users can choose from several professional themes that XMIND Mac offers its cards in a single step. To simplify, users can inherit a theme from an existing map with XMIND 8 Download and save it for later use.


Marker represents some functions of an image and often used in project management, planning, etc. In addition to XMIND linux providing marks, users can add their images as bookmarks. Once a brand has been added to a map, you can change the name to indicate a specific meaning on this card.


  • The legend is a box floating on a card that shows all the labels that are used for their respective importance to. Legends in normal letters. Users can place a label anywhere on the map by dragging the title or deciding whether they are on the label or intended to hide. The legend is very useful for presentation, planning, printing, etc.


  • The labels are only small labels for the topics that are used primarily for a single annotation and category. A subject can have multiple labels separated by commas. When you enter a label, XMIND cloud suggests labels of the existing labels on that card. Users can select from the list and press “Enter” to end automatically with the selected one. By the way, there are still advanced uses of the labels regarding the filter and the 2D card.

Powerful filter:

  • A powerful filter ensures a significant increase in productivity when users face a large and complex map. Filtering allows users to create specific content from a visible map and not from others. The representative member of a representative of a representative represents a representative represents the representative of the heritage of an elected representative’s authorized representatives Representatives XMIND online provides a quick mark at the bottom of the editor, where users a marker of the listener of the same brand. This ensures immediate filtering and accelerated the verification of the card. Also, there is a complete list of brands and labels.
  • What makes XMIND 8 pro crack filtering more powerful than the result of invisibility? This allows users to focus on the most important problems.


  • The attachments are displayed in XMIND ios. External files can be added to the theme as sub-addresses or as unpublished topics on the map. These hands, like others, can be debated, moved and resolved. Users can CHANGE color, shape, line pattern, etc. Add these attachments to softer sub-themes or more attachments. Attachments of Travel with XMAP files during distribution and publication. Users can open an attachment directly or save it as a local file. Dragging files from the local folder folders to a folder is easy. If you draw an image, you can find information about a subject by the way, how to put the image of the person motivated or create a theme with this image.


  • Hyperlinks You can use it to connect to web pages, folders or files such as Excel or PDF documents. Anyone can link hypertext box when a URL is launched. A hyperlink can be changed or deleted, but it no longer accepts URLs. Users can open a hyperlink, no matter what is displayed on the screen. If you drag a hyperlink to a hyperlink to a web browser, the URL of the hyperlink to this topic will be replaced or the URL of the previous subject if I am already in a hypertext link. As with an appendix, it can also be moved as hyperlinks of subtopics or theme themes that float on a map. Users can edit the description, position, color, etc. These hyperlinks.

To Print:

  • Printing a map in XMIND serial key is another step in most other applications. Use the options of the printer, the printer to select, print area, etc. The user can add a page header and/or a footer or a footer to specify whether to print with the background or edges of the card. It is a good idea to print a card and stick it on the wall like an advertisement.


  • To be fully compatible with motivation and other mentalities, an XMIND seamlessly integrates into a wider range of third-party applications. Users have this option to export maps to various formats, such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, PDF, RTF, etc. If you only want images, you can find details in one or more images of a single image with a specific image format (JPEG / BMP / PNG / GIF).

Import from FreeMind / MindManager:

  • For users who have already used MindManager Mind or their previous thinking method, XMIND allows you to import your previous work in pro 8 license key mac without losing anything important. Then the user can continue working in XMIND. The characterized information can be found in the types of user access cards that have been obtained by others, and thus protect the efforts and investments involved.

Multiple sheets:

  • Each XMAP file is a workbook that can contain more sheets with a map. Users can create maps with different content or styles for different applications in a single workbook. It leads to better management and management of joint project management. Also, each card can be saved as a separate folder as needed.

Drill down and Drillup:

  • Drilldown allows users to focus on a particular industry. The target branch is shown as a central branch on the map. Users can edit the details and return to the previous level with a single click. If users do not want some information to be displayed at a higher level, they will not be displayed once they have reached the entire card. You can always find it again if you “drill” this branch later.

Spell Checker:

  • The spell checker works automatically when users enter text in XMIND Pro 8. Spelling errors are marked with a red underline. Right click on the word to correct it or select a suggestion from the context menu. Users can also add the word to the dictionary. For more options for spell checking, see the Preferences dialog box.


  • XMIND includes a variety of templates for professional, educational and personal use. Eleven users have created their maps with one of these models; they can easily customize them according to their specific needs. Ideas and suggestions for expansion can be found in several comments. To help you get started, XMIND also includes many predefined project plans for everyday business activities, such as organizing a fair, creating a publication, launching a product, etc. Users can make use of clear plans for training purposes or as a basis for their own business. Use project plans. Users can also design some models to meet their work requirements and save them for future use.

What’s new in XMind 8.0

  • Support for high-resolution screen
  • Import and export to OPML, a lighter file.
  • Import Novamind cards.
  • Resource manager
  • Improved XMind Cloud
  • Manual design support
  • Support to add groups of ideas in the brainstorm mode.
  • It supports the function of updated file encryption and the password index.
  • New control interfaces for audio notes.
  • Optimize the export function and add a new list.
  • “Insert an IconFinder image” Optimize the interaction.
  • Organized context menu
  • Preferences Optimization of the interface.
  • “Numbering” improved usability.
  • Optimize keyboard shortcuts in the presentation of the virtual tour.
  • Improved template management interface
  • Many other small improvements.

System Requirement:

  • Processor:800Mhz or higher.
  • RAM:256M or higher,
  • Recommend RAM: 512M or higher.
  • Hard Disk: 200MB free disk space
  • Internet connection for specific features (like Share) and XMind Pro.
  • Microsoft Word/PowerPoint For Certain Features(Like Export).
  • Runtime Environment 6

How to Install?

  • Download and install XMind Pro setup.exe from the link provided
  • After the full installation, the software will be completely closed
  • Download the XMind 8 Cracked V4 file from the following link
  • Disable your internet connection
  • Open and extract the.RAR file and run the .exe file (Trail must be closed)
  • Click Finish when the crack is installed
  • Restart your Mac and win the system
  • Fact!? XMind 8 Pro Multilingual

Download link is here.



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