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This Is How Most Families Are Living Healthier In Conroe, Texas

A certified family doctor can help your entire family live healthier through regular check-ups and conclusive treatment options. You may benefit from services like geriatric care, hypertension treatment, diabetes care, wellness exams, pre-ops, hospital follow-ups, and school physicals. Dr. Kyle Scarborough of Family Life Medical takes pride in helping your family live healthier.

Services Offered at Family Life Medical

  •   Skin rejuvenation treatments address wrinkles, scars, pigmentations, and conditions threatening the integrity of your skin. Dr. Scarborough considers your goals and skin to arrive at a treatment plan specifically designed for your skin. Your treatment includes skincare products, facials, or the Cynosure’s TempSure Envi® and other leading technology options.
  • Diabetes. You may need to make annual wellness exams to ensure that you are safe from uncomfortable symptoms of diabetes. Dr. Scarborough offers advanced management options for type 2 and type 1 diabetes through medication and lifestyle adjustments. Your treatment includes a strict exercise plan, dietary adjustments, and medication (injectables or orals).
  • Geriatric Care. Handling a patient in their golden years requires a unique approach. Family Life Medical is equipped to handle frequent and emerging issues among senior patients. Dr. Scarborough uses geriatric tests to understand various conditions holding you back. If you are in Texas, book an annual geriatric exam to pinpoint conditions needing immediate attention.
  • High cholesterol is responsible for a build-up that inhibits sufficient oxygen and nutrients from reaching your brain and heart. If left unchecked, you may suffer a stroke, heart attack, or chest pain. Dr. Scarborough drafts a treatment plan that includes eating a healthier diet, a workout routine, and medication.
  •  Hypertension may arise from lifestyle choices or genetics. Dr. Scarborough uses the sphygmomanometer to check your blood pressure. He considers your specific needs to help you avoid death, stroke, or heart failure through customized treatment. Your treatment involves losing weight, dietary adjustments, regular exercise, and check-ups.
  • Well-woman exams are ideal for checking your reproductive health and managing chronic conditions that may affect your productivity. Dr. Scarborough uses each visit to test you for pregnancy, STDs, and other illnesses, review your family planning options, and address other concerns. You may need well-woman exams and regular check-ups to maintain a healthy, productive life.
  •  Tattoo removal. You may need to remove tattoos for professional or personal purposes. Dr. Scarborough helps you remove colored and non-colored tattoos through the highly effective PicoSure tattoo removal. The number of treatments needed and your tattoo removal cost is based on the size, location, ink, and depth of your tattoo(s).
  •  School physicals may vary from one school district to the next. If you need a school physical in Texas, Dr. Scarborough can help you through in the shortest time. Dr. Scarborough is certified and qualified to handle students of all ages and participation in physical activities.
  •  Flu shot. As the flu season closes in, you may opt for a flu vaccine or flu shot to keep you safe from common strains of influenza. Your provider considers your needs and goals to determine your eligibility for the shot. After slight discomfort, your immunity is boosted to ensure that your body is safe from flu outbreaks in October through March.

Family Life Medical offers pre-ops and follow-ups to ensure that your recovery is on course.

Bottom Line

To learn more about the services highlighted above, call Family Life Medical or book an appointment through online platforms to get immediate assistance.