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The Best Implant For Your Tooth Loss

Ultratooth is an FDA-cleared device that has undergone three years of clinical trials as a revolutionary dental implant. This device has over 20 years of scientific data that prove its efficiency and capability as a replacement for a lost tooth. Sargon Dental offers West Hollywood Ultratooth implants for patients looking for an efficient procedure that will not cost them additional expenses in the long run, like extra bone and soft tissue grafting.

Benefits of using Ultratooth implants

Ultratooth differs from other teeth implants as it immediately interacts with surrounding bone upon placement. Other traditional teeth implants wait for about four to six months before contacting the bone. The quick approach of Ultratooth is what makes it stand out from other dental implants as its nature favors the preservation of a patient’s esthetic preferences, especially those that involve immediate emergence and restoration of lost teeth.

During placement, Ultratooth adopts what is commonly known as the Eiffel Tower design, an apical shape with four pods that expand and lock to ensure mechanical integration into the jaw bone. The apical form that Ultratooth takes after provides little to no coronal bone loss, unlike the case in cylindrical-type or screw implants. The specific design offers stress distribution apically instead of focusing it in the crestal bone region. Ultimately, the implant supports the esthetic profile of a patient’s tooth.

Research backs the significance of patients that used Ultratooth compared to the traditional screw implants. The histological studies assessing the quality and density of bone surrounding placed implants and surrounding teeth showed improvements in patients with Ultratooth implants. This result is attributed to the fact that as Ultratooth implants expand, there is more excellent compaction. The implant expansion enables a patient to resume regular activity as soon as the procedure is over, allowing for immediate function.

Furthermore, when you compare the surface area of Ultratooth implants to screw implants, the former is 30% more, mainly due to the integration in the insides of its pods.

Are you a candidate for Ultratooth implants?

To determine whether Ultratooth is suitable for you, your dentist will conduct an oral assessment that involves reviewing your oral health history and discussing your concerns and goals. Imaging tests like X-rays are crucial when looking for tooth decay or periodontal disease signs. Furthermore, it would be best to inform your dentist about any underlying chronic condition you might be having. Diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes may increase your risk of developing complications upon placement of an Ultratooth implant.

What to expect during the placement process of Ultratooth implants

It usually takes several dental appointments to get the implants done. During your session, your dentist should administer local anesthesia and light sedation to ensure that you are comfortable and that the procedure is painless. For each missing tooth, your oral care provider will place one implant and a crown on top for esthetic purposes and will allow you to chew without any hassles.

Book a session with Sargon Dental to get your lost teeth replaced using Ultratooth and enjoy the tremendous benefits of the implants.