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Reasons Why People Snore and the Available Remedies to Correct It

Snoring is not a condition to worry about. However, it can affect your sleep patterns and even those around you. In this case, seeking Commack snoring solutions can help improve your sleeping experience. There are many solutions to help prevent snoring and improve your sleep. 

Reasons for Snoring

People snore due to different reasons. It should not worry you whether you snore occasionally or not. However, it is crucial to understand some of the reasons that could be causing you to snore. This will help you find the appropriate snoring solution.

Age: As people grow, they experience may a narrowing of the throat muscles. You cannot stop growing old, but you can stop snoring by changing your lifestyle. For instance, you can consider changing the times you go to bed and do frequent throat exercises.

Nasal Congestion: Sinus and nasal challenges occur due to a stuffy nose or blocked air passage. This causes difficulties in breathing, thus leading to snoring. This is a condition that can go away with certain medications.

Sleep Position: Snoring happens when you sleep flat on your back since the posture blocks the airway. Also, drinking alcohol before bedtime can lead to snoring.

Obesity: Being overweight is a common condition that makes people snore. This is because of the fats in the tissues and poor muscle tone. For the best result, ensure you do frequent exercises.

Medications: Certain medications can cause a person to snore. This includes Diazepam and Ativan. The medication causes the muscles to relax, leading to snoring. 

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Snoring Remedies

Natural remedies to snoring include:

  • Weight loss
  • Sleeping on your side
  • Treating chronic allergies
  • Raising your head while sleeping
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Using an external nasal dilator

If these natural snoring solutions are not effective for you, it may be better to seek help from your doctor for the appropriate solution. 

Today, there are advanced solutions that can help you avoid snoring and enjoy a comfortable sleep. The doctor will assess your condition and advise you on the possible treatment. Surgery is an option if no other remedy is working for you. Here are the types of surgical procedures carried out. 

Palatal Implants: This is a procedure where the doctor inserts small plastic implants into the palatal velum to prevent soft palate collapse. 

Laser-Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty: The doctor uses a laser for shortening the soft palate. This is a tissue that hangs behind the throat. After surgery, the tissues become stiff as the cuts heal. It prevents vibrations that cause one to snore.  

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure: During this process, the doctor uses a CPAP machine to keep your airways open. It prevents your airway from collapsing during your sleep. 

Somnoplasty: This surgical procedure uses heat energy to change soft palate and vulva tissues. Patients need to be under anesthesia before the surgery. 

When to Seek Medical Help

From the content above, it is clear that snoring can affect your lifestyle and those of your loved ones. If you notice any changes in your sleep or that of your partner due to snoring, ensure you seek help from a snoring solution specialist