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Healthy Gums And Teeth For A Healthy Smile

The majority of persons who show a beautiful smile do so because they are confident about their oral health. When your teeth aren’t in good condition, you tend to have low self-esteem and feel demoralized, as healthy teeth make a smile more appealing. Suppose your children are going through any dental issue; Skyline smiles have a team of specialists who provide services for pediatric dentistry in Santa Clarita. They take care of children’s oral health from when they are born till they become of age. To schedule your appointment, call or book online.

What is pediatric dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry involves the management of children’s oral health. It also involves providing education to the parents on managing and maintaining healthy teeth for their children. Children’s baby teeth begin to grow when they are around seven months, and they start to grow permanent teeth at around 7yrs of age. When they are not given proper care, they can develop a lifetime problem of pain and complications.

Who is a pediatric dentist?

A pediatric dentist is a specialist who is trained in dentistry for infants, children, and teens. They examine, diagnose, treat and provide education on oral hygiene to patients.

What problems do pediatric dentists treat?

Dental caries and tooth decay

Tooth decay is the presence of cavities in teeth caused by the consumption of sugary items. Children are more likely to encounter these problems since they are not keen on maintaining their dental hygiene. Therefore they need to be checked regularly to maintain healthy teeth.


Teething problems

Teething problems result due to delayed eruption of teeth in infants. When an infant’s teeth refuse to grow in, it is advisable to visit a pediatric dentist for consultations on the possible causes.

Misalignment of teeth

When the jaws are closed together, the upper and the lower teeth are supposed to be in line. When the jaws don’t meet, the problem is referred to as malocclusion. This creates problems with eating or speaking and can also cause injuries on the tongue and gum. Pediatric dentists address this problem.

What are the responsibilities of pediatric dentistry?

  •   To monitor growth and development of the teeth and jaws in children
  •   Correcting malocclusion through orthodontic treatment
  •   Interpret dental x-rays and other diagnostic tests performed on patients
  •   Perform necessary surgical procedures
  •   Formulate plans to be followed to restore the oral health of a pediatric patient
  •   Providing all forms of emergency dental care to address pain and trauma

What type of treatments do pediatric dentists offer?

  • They provide care for dental injuries such as knocked-out teeth or fractured teeth.
  • Managing gum diseases such as pediatric periodontal disease and ulcers
  • Infant oral health examination
  • Performing preventive dental care, including teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, and also providing recommendations on a diet to follow
  • Assessments’ and treatment of orthodontics
  • Provide counseling on habits in children such as thumb sucking
  • Tooth cavities and other defect repairs

Your kids deserve the best and that is why you need to ensure that their dental health is always in check. Seeking the best dental services will go a long way in ensuring their healthy teeth. Visit Skyline smiles or call to book an appointment to get the best smile in town.