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Discover The Importance Of A Physical Therapy Specialist

Our lifestyle nowadays, especially the busy and hectic life we live today,can lead to many problems. The most common health issues that affect people of all ages are injuries and chronic illness. If you are recovering from the mentioned conditions or surgery, physical therapy in Lawrenceville can be an integral part of your recovery plan. The clinic’s team emphasizes whole-body health and maximum longevity, so physical therapy is a natural fit as a complement to your medical care. Please contact them by calling in their office or using their online platforms to schedule a consultation to get started.

Know What Physical Therapy Is

Physical therapy is a natural approach to helping you relieve pain, function issues, and injury recovery. At the center, skilled providers often use physical therapy as part of a medical care plan because it helps relieve pain, encourages natural healing, and improves your strength and function.

What does physical therapy entail?

The clinic comes up with a physical therapy plan customized to meet your needs. But it often includes a multimodal approach. Your program may consist of some or all of the below physical therapy treatments.

  •       Soft tissue mobilization (massage techniques), including IASTM (instrument assisted STM, ex: Graston)
  • Joint mobilization and manual stretching
  • Targeted strength exercises to improve mobility, stability, and sport-specific function
  • Blood flow restriction training
  • Modalities including heat, ice, electrical stimulation, and therapeutic ultrasound
  • Home exercise program

It is also vital to note osteopathic manipulation, also called manual therapy, as it is an essential component of your recovery. In this therapy, the clinic’s trained physician carefully manipulates muscle, joints, and connective tissue in precise ways to ease pain, increase blood flows where needed, and enhance your range of motion.

How would you know you are a candidate for physical therapy?

Physical therapy will help you recover from the below conditions:

  • Sports injury recovery
  • Post-surgery, such as hip replacement recovery
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic mobility issues
  • Chronic stiffness

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, just had surgery, or have physical restrictions because of a degenerative condition, physical therapy will help you regain your strength and mobility while creating a solid muscle support system within your body. The clinic offers functional movement screening and gait analysis to examine your movement in slow motion. The screening helps find mechanical deficits and harmful patterns that they can target for correction during your physical therapy program.

How long will I take to recover through the physical therapy program fully?

Your recovery depends majorly on the state of your conditions. However, the clinic will work with you to find an optimal approach and plan duration. Usually, they will recommend at least one session a week, possibly up to daily sessions based on your needs, and exercises that you should do every day at home as directed to help you build strength and improve function even faster.

To sum up, the clinic’s physical therapy staff works to provide quality care and maximize its function and independence. Call the office or schedule a consultation online today.