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Common Causes of Dry Mouth in Adults

It can be uncomfortable to have a dry mouth, but this problem can be solved by frequently drinking sips of water. Xerostomia is a condition that causes you to have a dry mouth constantly. If you are experiencing this you are not alone, since this is a major concern among many people. Keith Bram DDS asserts that can happen to anyone and that most of the time, the causes are benign. However, there are several reasons that can cause chronic dry mouth.


Dehydration is a leading cause of xerostomia, which can be easily fixed. Lack of proper hydration makes your mouth dry, which signals that you need water. Your body loses more water during exercise and when undertaking tedious tasks. Your doctor recommends men to drink 3 liters of water and 2.2 liters for women in a day. Regular drinking of water helps cleanse your mouth to get rid of bacteria.

Medication and old age

You can also suffer from the chronic dry mouth when using certain medications including painkillers, anti-anxiety and antidepressants, and muscle relaxers. These medications have pharmacological effects that hinder saliva production and  also cause your body to be dehydrated. Long term use of medication can make you have a dry mouth later in life.  Enquire from your doctor if your medication can cause dehydration.

Alcohol and tobacco use

Since alcohol is a diuretic, it can cause you to have a dry mouth during and after consumption. Combining alcohol use and tobacco smoking worsens this condition since nicotine hinders the flow of saliva. Quit smoking to avoid cigarette-related xerostomia and drink a glass of water after every bottle of beer when taking alcohol.

Nerve damage

Nerve damage in the head or neck can also cause dry mouth. This happens since this region contains nerves that control saliva production. Consult your doctor immediately if you suffer head or neck injuries.

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Drink Decaffeinated Beverages

Your favorite cup of coffee can make you have a dry mouth. Caffeine and carbonated drinks, such as sodas, cause dehydration. Your doctor recommends taking decaffeinated soft drinks to help keep your mouth hydrated.

Try Breathing Through Your Nose

Breathing through the mouth can worsen your xerostomia problem. When you breathe through the mouth, more moisture is lost into the air. This problem is more common when you have a cold or flu.

Try Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

The use of mouthwash solutions that have a burning effect can cause mouth dryness. As earlier said, alcohol interferes with the production of saliva. Consult your dentist to get recommendations on alcohol-free mouthwash brands.

Keep in the Habit of Flossing Each Day

Your doctor recommends flossing to help get rid of hard-to-reach plaque between teeth. Flossing is even more helpful if you have a dry mouth problem since it protects you from developing periodontal disease. Flossing is vital for saliva production for healthy gum and teeth.

If you are having a challenge with dry mouth, consult your dentist at BRAR DENTISTRY to learn about the healthy mouth’s mitigation measures.