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All You Need To Know About Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a cosmetic facial treatment used to remove the top layers of your skin. Your skin may have wrinkles, spots, or acne scars, which give your face an old look. A dermaplaning cosmetic procedure removes wrinkles and blemishes, making your face look younger and healthier. However, unlike other facial treatments such as surgery, dermaplaning does not need time for recovery since there are no incisions made. Sarasota dermaplaning is a health care center that you can consult for dermaplaning procedures. The below paragraph shows the procedures of performing dermaplaning.

The procedure of performing dermaplaning

Before undergoing dermaplaning, it is vital to ask your doctor about the advantage and its side effects. Your doctor should also show you some reviews of previously treated patients. This will help you build up confidence, and you are capable of handling side effects if they occur. First, your doctor will examine your skin, checking the presence of skin diseases. After an examination, your doctor will lie you down on a comfortable bed. Sedative medication in the form of a spray will then be given or local anesthesia to provide you with comfort. After anesthesia, your doctor will use a dermaplaning tool, which can be electrical or manual, to scrub your skin. This procedure will take about 20 to 30 minutes. After scraping, your doctor will apply aloe or a sunscreen lotion to protect your skin.

What to do before undergoing dermaplaning

Before undergoing the dermaplaning procedure, it is vital to have a conversation with your doctor. Your doctor must analyze your health history and skin color for a proper outcome. Your doctor may request you keep out of direct sunlight to prevent sunburns. Once you develop sunburns, you may not undergo dermaplaning until the sun burns are healed. Application of some acidic lotions may not be necessary before and after having dermaplaning. Acidic creams cause skin irritation, which can develop into real pain. You should not wear make-up for at least one week before the day of treatment. Make-ups may react with the medicines used during dermaplaning causes other skin complications.

Are there side effects of dermaplaning skin treatment?

According to specialists, dermaplaning is a risk-free treatment procedure. The only side effect associated with the course is the reddening of your face after treatment.  You may also develop whiteheads on the skin for two days after treatment. The whiteheads disappear after a short while, thus restoring the natural look of your face. Moreover, some people may develop infections and scars after a few days. Infections are brought by using infected dermaplaning tools during scrubbing. A steroid injection can be used to treat illnesses and scars.

Dermaplaning is a cosmetic facial treatment used to eliminate spots and scars. It is a painless treatment; thus, pain medication is not required. Dermaplaning treatment has no severe side effects since those that occur disappear after a few days. Every person with a good health record and free from skin disease is the perfect candidate for dermaplaning treatment. For more information about dermaplaning procedures, consult Re3 Healing Aesthetics and Wellness health center.