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SMPlayer Download

SMPlayer Download Portable 2018:

SMPlayer Portable is an interface for the powerful open-source MPlayer. It includes basic functions such as video playback, DVD, and VCD, as well as advanced features such as the MPlayer filter and more.

 smplayer mac

SMPlayer Review:

SMPlayer Free Download is a multimedia player for Windows and Linux with one of the codecs that can play almost all video and audio formats. It does not need external codecs. Just install SMPlayer Mac, and you can read all the formats without having to search and install Codec Packs.

One of the most interesting features of SMPlayer 64 Bit it remembers the configuration of all the files that it plays. To start watching a movie, but you have to leave … do not worry, when you open this movie, it is sent to the same place where you left it, and with the same options: audio track, sub-title volume.

smplayer review

SMPlayer is a graphical user interface (GUI) to win. SMPlayer Skins can play almost all popular video and audio formats. But also, to facilitate access to the MPlayer Download most common and useful options,sm player 32 Bit Free Download, adds other interesting features such as the ability to download YouTube videos or playing subtitles.Multimedia files, clips, and songs are available in abundance. Now that media player is available for better compatibility, the selection of a movie viewing application now depends on visual preferences and easy access. SMPlayer for android is a multimedia player based on the famous MPlayer, which is known to play almost all available formats.

Easy and easy to use:

Consider the steps during installation, or you can use a default search engine and install other potentially unwanted software. However, all these offers can be easily rejected for a new SMPlayer subtitles configuration.Once the application is running, it will not be difficult to manage it. The interface is intelligently designed to provide a modern and minimalist look. The necessary playback options are visible, as well as the Volume and Progress sliders, with the ability to improve the interface with other elements.

Create and manage playlists:

One of them is the administrator of the playlist, which should be in a simple media player or not at all. It is configured by pressing a button that floats on your desktop or is connected to the main window for a compact total surface.The application allows you to load existing playlists into the newly installed Media Player, as well as create a fully recreated file containing some of the most commonly used audio and video formats. Otherwise, not all will be available.

sm player 32 bit free download

Improve your audio and video experience:

As SMPlayer is a business, it is equipped with everything necessary to be a respectable media player and a little more. Several enhancement tools are available, such as a sound equalizer and various video effects.One of the most useful functions when playing a movie is a built-in subtitle locator, which searches for the desired elements in the Internet’s subtitle databases so that they are not shown empty-handed. You can also watch clips on YouTube without opening a web browser.

In conclusion:

In general, we can say that SMPlayer is an adequate competitor in the competition for the compatibility of media formats. It removes few resources from your system and, therefore, is available for a variety of configurations, while the easy-to-use and modern interface allows you to work immediately.You can also download here Audacity Audio Editor and Recorder.

Key Features SMPlayer:

  • Change the audio track. You can select the audio track you want to listen to.
  • Search with the mouse wheel. You can use the mouse wheel to move forward or backward in the video.
  • The video equalizer allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and gamma of the video image.
  • Play multiple speeds. You can play in 2X, 4X … and even in slow motion.
  • Filters There are several filters available: deinterlacing, post-processing, noise reduction … and even a karaoke filter (voice suppression).
  • Audio and subtitles slow down the configuration. It allows you to synchronize audio and subtitles.
  • Advanced options such as selection of demultiplexers or video and audio codecs.
  • Playlist Allows you to queue several files that must be read one after the other. Auto-Repeat and Shuffle are also compatible.
  • Preferences dialog You can easily configure each SMPlayer option with a nice configuration dialog.
    Possibility to automatically search subtitles on the Internet
  • Translations: SMPlayer is currently translating to more than 20 languages, including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Cross-platform

New in SMPlayer 17.12.0:

  • SMPlayer can be run for Windows XP (only 32-bit packages).
  • Two new actions to create screenshots with or without subtitles (they only work if MPV is used). By default, Ctrl + Shift + S and Ctrl + Alt + S are assigned
  • A new action is displayed, with the file name 2 seconds in the OSD. By default, Shift + O is displayed.
  • New option osd_bar_pos for smplayer.ini. Indicates the position of the OSD bar (0 = high, 100 = below).

Download link is here.




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